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Monitoring Azure Container Apps With Azure Managed Grafana

The Azure Monitor team has announced the general availability of the Azure Managed Grafana (AMG) service. As part of the announcement, they also announced the availability of curated Grafana dashboards for various Azure services including Azure Container Apps 🎉 Grafana is very popular within the Cloud Native community and it seems natural to use it for Azure Container Apps (ACA) observability. In this post, I will walk you through provisioning the ACA and AMG resources using the Terraform AzAPI provider and show you how easy it is to import the ACA dashboards into your AMG instance. Continue reading

Run Terraform With Azure Pipelines

2022-02-25 14 min read DevOps Infrastructure-as-Code
This repo will walk you through an approach to provisioning Azure resources using Terraform code stored in a Git repo and leverage Azure Pipelines (YAML-based) to deploy to dev, test, and prod environments (all in different subscriptions) with approval gates in front of test and prod environments. Prerequisites Azure Subscription If you don’t have Azure, go sign up for a free account and come back. Azure DevOps If you do not already have an Azure DevOps organization, follow these instructions to create one. Continue reading

Getting Started With Terraform on Azure

2021-04-24 7 min read DevOps Infrastructure-as-Code
Check out the official Get Started - Azure tutorial here Terraform basics Download and Install Download terraform from Extract the executable and add the folder to your PATH variable Open a shell and type terraform version The basic commands we’ll use are: terraform init terraform plan terraform apply terraform destroy I advise you to use the terraform fmt command often to ensure your scripts well formatted according to HashiCorp’s style conventions Continue reading