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Re-visiting Dev Container Features

2022-12-02 3 min read Tutorial
A few months ago I wrote a post that described how you can add custom features to your Dev Containers. That didn’t age very well 😅 But good news is that there is a better way to add or extend functionality for your Dev Containers. 🥳 Since my original post, @BrigitMurtaugh published a post on the VS Code blog announcing new repos, the open dev container specification and discussed a new way of adding features. Continue reading

Exploring .NET WebAssembly with WASI

2022-08-09 12 min read Tutorial
Overview WebAssembly (Wasm) is something that the Cloud Native Advocacy team has been exploring. It has been around for a few years and has mostly been used within browser-based applications. There are many blog posts on what makes WebAssembly an ideal target for running applications (e.g., smaller footprint with .wasm files compared to containers, code isolation, and sandboxing). My colleague Steven Murawski wrote a blog series on getting started with hosting Wasm apps on an emerging PaaS platform called Hippo which is developed by folks at Fermyon. Continue reading

Extending Visual Studio Code Dev Container Features

2022-07-27 10 min read Tutorial
UPDATE: The dev-container-features-template repo referenced in this post has been archived. Please see my new post here or visit for the latest on this topic. Have you ever wanted to try an Azure CLI extension without having to install the extension yourself on your local machine? VSCode Dev Containers may be a good option. What is a Dev Container? Visual Studio Code has an extension called Remote - Containers. Continue reading