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Autoscaling Azure Container Apps

2022-09-11 6 min read Architecture
So, what makes Azure Container Apps “serverless”? Today we are going to focus on what makes Azure Container Apps (ACA) a “serverless” offering. But what does the term “serverless” really mean? As much as we’d like to think there aren’t any servers involved, that is certainly not the case. In general, “serverless” means that most (if not all) server maintenance has been abstracted away from you. With serverless, you don’t spend any time managing and patching servers. Continue reading

Microservices Communications with Azure Container Apps

2022-09-10 7 min read Architecture
Introduction In yesterday’s #ServerlessSeptember post, we learned what the Azure Container Apps (ACA) service is and the problems it aims to solve. It is considered to be a Container-as-a-Service platform since much of the complex implementation details of running a Kubernetes cluster is managed for you. Some of the use cases for ACA include event-driven processing jobs and background tasks, but this article will focus on hosting microservices, and how they can communicate with each other within the ACA service. Continue reading

Monitoring Azure Container Apps With Azure Managed Grafana

2022-09-09 10 min read Tutorial
The Azure Monitor team has announced the general availability of the Azure Managed Grafana (AMG) service. As part of the announcement, they also announced the availability of curated Grafana dashboards for various Azure services including Azure Container Apps 🎉 Grafana is very popular within the Cloud Native community and it seems natural to use it for Azure Container Apps (ACA) observability. In this post, I will walk you through provisioning the ACA and AMG resources using the Terraform AzAPI provider and show you how easy it is to import the ACA dashboards into your AMG instance. Continue reading

Terraform: Azure Container Apps with Azure Managed Grafana using the AzAPI provider

2022-09-09 3 min read Code snippets
Code snippet for the Monitoring Azure Container Apps With Azure Managed Grafana article. terraform { required_providers { azurerm = { source = "hashicorp/azurerm" version = ">=3.0.0" } azapi = { source = "azure/azapi" version = ">=0.5.0" } } } provider "azurerm" { features { resource_group { prevent_deletion_if_contains_resources = false } key_vault { purge_soft_delete_on_destroy = false } } } resource "random_pet" "aca" { length = 2 separator = "" } resource "random_integer" "aca" { min = 000 max = 999 } resource "random_string" "aca" { length = 5 lower = true upper = false numeric = true special = false keepers = { # Generate a new random_string on every run to avoid a conflict with the previous revision none = timestamp() } } locals { resource_name = format("%s", random_pet. Continue reading