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Run Terraform With Azure Pipelines

2022-02-25 14 min read Tutorial
This repo will walk you through an approach to provisioning Azure resources using Terraform code stored in a Git repo and leverage Azure Pipelines (YAML-based) to deploy to dev, test, and prod environments (all in different subscriptions) with approval gates in front of test and prod environments. Prerequisites Azure Subscription If you don’t have Azure, go sign up for a free account and come back. Azure DevOps If you do not already have an Azure DevOps organization, follow these instructions to create one. Continue reading

Run Your Pipelines in Azure Container Instance

2021-07-16 6 min read Tutorial
Background Microsoft-hosted Azure Pipeline agent run in the public space; therefore, they can only deploy to environments that are publicly accessible. Some organizations may need to deploy to target environments that are only accessible within private space (e.g., inside a Azure Virtual Network). When the target environment is not publicly accessible, deploying self-hosted pipelines agents are a common solution. Organizations can self-host Azure Pipeline agents on Linux, macOS, or Windows (physical or virtual machines) or Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets; however, this may introduce unwanted overhead in having to patch and maintain these machines. Continue reading